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Foodtogether produce deliveries in Whangārei exceed expectations

Fresh produce deliveries are proving popular with Whangārei residents, with orders exceeding the expectations of those behind the new initiative.

Foodtogether was launched in Whangārei three weeks ago by local charity Taimahi Trust to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables directly to homes. At the same time, it is providing employment opportunities for young local adults with disabilities.

Foodtogether has been running successfully in other towns around the country and is based on providing fresh, seasonal produce at low prices, tackling issues around nutrition and affordability.

General manager David Hovell said the programme was going great with 358 boxes of produce delivered during the first month of operation and 70 customers signing up as regulars.

"Orders, as well as the ability of our trainees, are exceeding our expectations. It's been fantastic to get out into the community and receive such a positive reaction.


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Community Champions

We at Foodtogether want to encourage those wonderful people and organisations in our community that work away making each street, neighbourhood a better place to live.

Just like the team at Community Focus Trust based in Christchurch, who are connecting their communities through Kai, there are many organisations around NZ, giving communities fresh and affordable solutions around kai.

Foodtogether loves to share their stories, so that we can connect communities together with kai.


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