Orders close Tuesday 11.59pm weekly, New Plymouth open from 15th Jan with other Co Ops opening weekly.

Welcome back New Plymouth , Other cities opening in coming weeks

A network of produce co-operatives, making fruit and vegetable affordable and supper convenient across New Zealand for over 25 years.

Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, Christchurch and Taranaki now closed for 2020, back soon with more local produce co-op options.

Who is Foodtogether?

Affordable healthy living

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Fresh, Fruity, Colourful and Nutritious.

Here at FoodTogether we pride ourselves on providing fresh, reliable, quality produce to your doorstep at a low cost whilst also encouraging you to consume your 5+ a day colorful, fresh fruit and vegetables every day for health and vitality.

What Other Say

Auckland Council

Foodtogether provides another great way for our leisure centres to promote healthy living.

Midcentral DHB

Most New Zealanders would improve their health by eating more fruit and vegetables - particularly people on low incomes - and this programme succeeds in getting more vegetables into our diets.

St. Matthews Church

This will make a real difference in people's health and well-being, and is a real opportunity for people to get together as volunteers working for a common purpose. 

Everyone wins

You save, Your household has fresh food, Your community wins

Food Making a Difference

Foodtogether is a national food collective driven by local communities that makes it easy and convenient to access wholesale fresh fruit and veges at incredible prices. Follow the below ordering process and pick up from your local community pick up points and share in the savings.