Who is Foodtogether


Foodtogether's Mission

We exist to support local community organisations to connect people and communities through nutrition and affordability food.

Through your purchase with Foodtogether you partner with local communities to supply fresh produce to families in need, across Aotearoa.

Together we can make a difference.



Foodtogther story

Some of our Community Partners

Auckland Council

Foodtogether provides another great way for our leisure centres to promote healthy living.

Midcentral DHB

Most New Zealanders would improve their health by eating more fruit and vegetables - particularly people on low incomes - and this programme succeeds in getting more vegetables into our diets.

Bishop's Community Development Trust

This will make a real difference in people's health and well-being, and is a real opportunity for people to get together as volunteers working for a common purpose. 

Community Focus Trust

Foodtogether enables us to connect with community, giving us tools to ensure we can deliver fresh, affordable food to our community.

Taimahi Trust

Whangārei residents now have little excuse for not getting their five-plus a day with a new home delivery service and at more affordable prices.

Kiwi Kai Co-Op

Our connection with Foodtogether has helped us with the needs in our wider community, giving us tools to ensure we can make a differnce.

Northern Presbyterian Support

Proud to be working in collaboration with Foodtogether.

Connecting Communities

Kai Connections is the theme for 2022. This is about getting people to engage in all the different ways we connect over kai – growing, sharing, eating. A common denominator amongst all communities in Aotearoa is how food brings people together, that is the heart of Foodtogether.

A New Co-Op Opening Up In Auckland

We are excited to be opening up a co-op, in the heart of Avondale, Auckland, so the local community can pick up their proeduce orders.


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