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Foodtogether  is a national food collective driven by local communities that makes it easy and convenient to access wholesale fresh fruit and veges at incredible prices. Follow the ordering process below, choose from your local community pick up points and share in the savings.

Delivered to your door (New Plymouth and Cambridge).

Add variety to your diet.

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Foodtogether for a cause: Bellyful

  Here at Foodtogether, we’re extremely passionate about helping local communities strengthen and grow, and this month we’ve decided to focus on doing just that. In July 2018, we donated $1 of every Foodtogether order to Bellyful – an amazing organisation dedicated to cooking and delivering delicious meals to families with newborn babies and families […]


Recipe of the Week – Roasted Crown Pumpkin Soup

Winter is upon us, and there’s nothing quite like having hot soup on a cold winter’s day. So bring out your crown pumpkin and tomatoes from this week’s Foodtogether packs, and try making this easy roasted crown pumpkin soup.


Foodtogether for a cause

All of us here at FoodTogether are passionate about helping our local communities strengthen and grow, and in 2019 we want to continue doing just that!