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Getting Started with Foodtogether


Are you part of an organisation that wants to bring greater food security to your local area? Does your community need better access to affordable fruit and veges?

Do you have some staff or volunteers who could help for a few hours a week to pull it together?

If you answered yes, then Foodtogether could be a great option for you.

We offer two pathways for organisations (churches, community houses, schools etc!) to partner with us in providing weekly packs of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Foodtogether Pop-ups

Pop-ups open one day a week, for an hour or two, and require a small team of volunteers. Orders can be placed online, or customers can shop on the day. Pop-Ups offer one product: a $15 bag with at least 8 varieties of fresh produce. Pop-Ups operate like a small shop; produce is displayed and customers have some choice in how to fill their bag. EFTPOS payments will be accepted on the day

Pop-ups suit areas where there is good foot traffic, or they will coincide with another activity, for example at school pick-up time, or after a community lunch. There will likely be left-overs, which can be stored or donated.

Foodtogether Co-ops

Co-ops offer pre-packed boxes, available in three price points, which must be ordered online before a cut-off time. They require a reasonable amount of packing space, a team of volunteers and one or more locations for the orders to be collected from. On packing day the hub receives a list of all the orders to pack. The produce is either delivered to the hub or collected from the wholesale market depending on the locality.

Co-ops work particularly well in areas with limited retail options as they allow households to order a week’s worth of produce at a time. There is unlikely to be excess stock at the end of the packing day.

 To receive an information pack about what it takes to run a Co-op or Pop-up.