Free FoodTogether deliveries in select Auckland locations

Written By nasreen on, Thursday 05 May 2018

Free Foodtogether deliveries in select Auckland locations

Awesome news for our Auckland customers!

Due to changes in our volunteering options, we’ll be offering free delivery in these Auckland locations from next week. (more…)


Bringing Food & Communities Together

Written By nasreen on, Thursday 03 March 2018


FoodTogether is a business with a difference. One of our major drives here is to not only provide healthy food at great prices, but to help bring communities together.



The Healing Benefits of Red Cabbage

Written By nasreen on, Wednesday 02 February 2018

We’re all about eating healthy and nutritious food, which is why we strive to include healthy fruits and vegetables in our weekly food boxes. One of this week’s staples is Red/Purple Cabbage. So before you take that next bite of that purple goodness, here are some of its nutritional benefits you should know:



FoodTogether – A Business With a Difference

Written By nasreen on, Thursday 02 February 2018


Our ambition here at FoodTogether is not to make big profits, but to grow a sustainable business that improves the lives of New Zealanders.


It all started 25 years ago with founder of FoodTogether, Craig Dixon – who had the idea of starting a social enterprise that is focused on bringing healthy produce to local communities to meet the needs of nutrition and affordability.



Recipe of the week – Cauliflower, Potato & Carrot Curry

Written By nasreen on, Wednesday 02 February 2018


Some of the staples of this week’s Food Box are Cauliflower, Potato, Carrot and Tomato. So to get all that healthy goodness into one meal, why not try this deliciously spicy curry for your next family dinner?



Deal of the Week: Cherry Tomato

Written By Food Together on, Sunday 10 October 2017


Perfect for kids lunch boxes and packed with goodness. Use in your favorite salad to pack in the goodness. Fast and easy and affordable this week nationwide.


Foodtogether on track to being plastic free in 2018

Written By Food Together on, Tuesday 07 July 2017

We are back and ready to bring even more New Zealand Communities together around Healthy Food in 2018 and are working towards being plastic free in 2018.


Through out our hub network we have introduced various reusable bags , boxes in an effort to be plastic free while keeping food safety as a priority. We already use less plastic then traditional options as individual produce items are not bagged and now we have options for customers to remove plastic altogether.

Check out our new chiller bag that is being added to the shopping cart.

Do good for your health , the community and the environment with Foodtogether in 2018.



Visit your local Facebook page to see next weeks contents and deals!

Written By Food Together on, Friday 07 July 2017

Contents for the following weeks boxes and deals are posted every Friday evening.

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