Foodtogether for a cause: Bellyful

 Foodtogether for a cause

Here at Foodtogether, we’re extremely passionate about helping local communities strengthen and grow, and this month we’ve decided to focus on doing just that.

In July 2018, we donated $1 of every Foodtogether order to Bellyful – an amazing organisation dedicated to cooking and delivering delicious meals to families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness, who have little or no family or social support.

Bellyful was founded in 2009 by Jacqui Ritchie who had the desire to see families supported by their fellow community members.

Volunteers get together every month for a ‘Cookathon’ to prepare the food packs, freeze them and then deliver them over the next few weeks to families who are referred by health professionals, family and friends.

They’re all about building relationships within communities, and easing the stress that comes with having a new baby or sick family member. Having Bellyful volunteers pop around with a few cooked meals can go a long way toward easing the stress and frustration.

We’re super excited to be helping an organisation that aligns with some of our own core values here at Foodtogether!

Bellyful currently have 20 branches around New Zealand. If you know a family within those regions that could use a helping hand, refer them to the Bellyful community.