FoodTogether – A Business With a Difference


Our ambition here at FoodTogether is not to make big profits, but to grow a sustainable business that improves the lives of New Zealanders.


It all started 25 years ago with founder of FoodTogether, Craig Dixon – who had the idea of starting a social enterprise that is focused on bringing healthy produce to local communities to meet the needs of nutrition and affordability.

We’re all about creating solutions for local problems, building communities, and bringing people together – especially in times of crisis.

FoodTogether expanded after the Christchurch earthquakes, as there was a real need for affordable food in communities around Canterbury. We not only provided families with healthy food, but we helped in rebuilding their communities, and bringing people together after the disaster.


 We operate with a committed team of staff and volunteers that helps keep our prices low. And our fresh fruit and veggies are sourced from markets at affordable prices to ensure they are accessible to everyone in the community.


We work hard to be affordable, convenient, and healthy, all while bringing value and strength to your community.


 With every purchase, you have the chance to help and improve the lives of local communities around New Zealand.

It enables us to bring people together within the community, with the purpose of distributing healthy food, and making nutrition an affordable commodity for everyone.


 It’s a triple win – each customer receives fresher and cheaper food, communities are strengthened through togetherness, and the lives of New Zealanders are improved by building closer communities and increasing healthy food consumptions throughout the country.


 Help us build a stronger New Zealand by making healthy food more affordable for all through buying with FoodTogether at one of our 24 hubs across the country.


Support our cause and order one of our Food Boxes today!