Bringing Food & Communities Together


FoodTogether is a business with a difference. One of our major drives here is to not only provide healthy food at great prices, but to help bring communities together.


We have over 40 community hubs across New Zealand that are dedicated to strengthening our communities. Every box you purchase from FoodTogether has been carefully packaged by our amazing volunteers, who come together with the purpose of distributing healthy food, and making nutrition an affordable commodity for everyone.


From churches and community houses, to recreation centres across the nation, these places have become local hubs for FoodTogether customers to pick up their weekly produce. It also gives them the opportunity to get to know the people in their communities a little better, and build ties that will make the local community stronger.


Think of it as our FoodTogether network. With every purchase you make with us, you have the chance to help and improve the lives of communities all over New Zealand.


We like to see it as a triple win – each customer receives healthy, fresh and affordable food. Communities are strengthened through togetherness, and the lives of New Zealanders are improved by building closer communities and increasing healthy food consumption through the country.


Join us in building a stronger, healthier New Zealand by ordering one of our Food Boxes today.